under constructionWe talked before about how to plan for a logo design or redesign. But how do brand decisions get made in real life? Here’s a behind-the-scenes look at the GYRE Marketing logo design, and some of the planning and consideration that went into building the brand.


  • The GYRE brand started as a search for business name that would convey the core belief that marketing should move people. It should move audiences to be brand advocates. It should move consumers to buy. It should be communities to engage. It should move revenues through sales of products and services. It should move analytics through application of the correct metrics and measurements. Finding a name that encompassed this core business concept was central to the branding process.
  • When it comes to branding, you have a kiss a lot of frogs before you find a prince. Type the word “move” into and it gives you 20 pages of search results. There are a lot of words that could be turned into business names (or product names or service names) that conveyed the central brand concept of movement. But not all of them are good fits. For instance, “earthquake” also implies movement. Unfortunately, it also implies death, destruction, collapse, and upheaval through connotation - probably not a good choice for a business meant to foster positive growth!
  • Using the Internet as a tool to build your brand seems like a no-brainer, but there are still stories in business news publications about companies sued for infringing on some other company’s trademark or business name because they didn’t do a good search first. There are attorneys who specialize in patent and intellectual property law, but a good first step in branding a company is a perusal of your state’s corporate records system (Wisconsin has some great names in the “beer” section!). The obvious advice here is don’t use something that someone else already has.
  • Tying together the brand and the logo is a key element of building the brand. Once the GYRE name was selected, a logo that encompassed the movement concept as well as the idea of bringing “full circle” understanding of marketing cycles and campaigns to clients was developed. The logo had to be unique and easily understood, but also convey a deeper meaning for those familiar with the brand story. The design was based on a crashing wave circling around to create the GYRE currents, and then tweaked to make it more business-use and reproduction friendly.
  • The colors chosen coincided with the blues of the ocean, but dovetailed nicely with the color psychology of security and communication. The orange is the balancing color on the color wheel, and warms up the cool tones of the blue with a pop of creative energy.

There’s never an easy answer when it comes to brand-building, but insight into the process can help temper some of the anxiety associated with it. Feel free to reach out to GYRE Marketing with questions about our process, or ways your branding could be updated!